Leadership Team Assessments

What are EGL's Leadership Assessments?

Put simply, a leadership assessment is an estimation of your nature, quality, or ability to actively lead a group of people, or an organization.

The term is used to describe the outcome, as stated above, as well as often being used to describe the process of assessment, or even a product that provides a report on leadership capabilities.

The process of leadership assessment can be one that uses surveys, interviews, observations, extant data analysis, or any combination of these.  EGL uses combinations of all of the above, in packages designed to fit your unique needs.

What do you get from these assessments?

As an individual, you will get feedback in a consolidated report that builds your profile of essential leadership competencies.  You will learn strengths, weaknesses, and areas of development that will help you develop the proper portfolio of skills.

As an organization, you can also create a profile of a set of leaders, creating an overall growth map for your organization.

Who are they for?

Anyone who is leading or planning to lead people can benefit from knowing more about their overall leadership ability.  In particular, the more relationship based the work, the more important these become.

  • Project Managers
  • High potential employees
  • Leadership teams
  • Succession planning
  • Progression development processes
  • People beginning leadership coaching programs

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