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Executive Coaching

executive-coachingWhat is Executive Coaching?

Executive Coaching is a one-on-one process between a professional coach and a management-level client to increase the client’s managerial and/or leadership performance.  There are several paths this can take, and most commonly, in a pure Executive Coaching arrangement, the client is focused on a specific issue, and the coach provides process that facilitates the client’s progress.

Key components of the engagement are goal setting, defining what is desired, and what is getting in the way.  The engagement is founded on a collaborative relationship between the client and the coach.  Additionally, the process can include important other parties, including Human Resources, the client’s manager, or others.  When properly structured and delivered, the process can have rapid and profound results, for both the client and the organization.

What do you get from Executive Coaching?

Executive Coaching is delivered in a series of meetings, very often virtually, in which the relationship is established, and the work of the client is done.  Clients will develop:

• Clear definitions of what they want out of the coaching.

• What improvements or conditions they want to accomplish.

• Understanding of their personal patterns that support or inhibit these.

• Definition of success.

• Plans to break through and accomplish their objectives.

Clients commonly identify limiting beliefs, or habitual patterns that inhibit their progress.  They also commonly report more success in their work and in their personal lives.

Who Suits Executive Coaching?

Executive Coaching can be designed for individuals, teams, or even across organizations.  There are many ways it can be structured, and the broader the approach, the larger the effect on the organization.

The most common client for Executive Coaching is facing some sort of change, initiative, or integration event.  Coaching helps them identify their most desired outcomes, and how they will approach the issue.

Here are some other, more specific situations:

• You're feeling out of balance or out of energy

• Your company is growing rapidly

• Your role is changing from an individual contributor to managing people

• You are starting up a team, or project.

• You have received informal or formal complaints/feedback and you want to make a change

• You are integrating a merger

• You are dissatisfied with your current results

• You want to improve your relationships

Explore our Executive Coaching packages and determine which is best for you.

Both packages provide a framework for individuals to identify, evaluate and address a particular issue they are facing. Individuals will obtain tools in decision making, planning and sustaining action or integrating and enabling a predetermined objective. 

Leadership in Action


Integration of Change

Program Length: 3 - 6 months  

Working with a senior coach, you will develop the following:

• Individual objective

• Focus on action and enablement

• Evaluation process with participant


Program Length: 6 - 12 months  

Working with a senior coach, you will develop the following:  

• Individual objective

• Action and enablement focus

• Evaluation process with participant

• Evaluation process with sponsor

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