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Fractional Chief Leadership Performance Officer (CLPO)

The requirement for active, assertive leadership is extremely high during these times. Design your course to success in the new now.

COVID-19. Welcome to the new now. The COVID-19 pandemic is impacting every aspect of business for all of us. During this time many people in leadership roles will choose to pull back and wait for things to return to normal. They are relying on past processes continuing to be successful, once the pandemic has passed over us. Other leaders are working to craft a new success strategy within these conditions.

None of us know when this pandemic will be brought under control, although there are many projections and guesses. Meanwhile we have to maintain business integrity while keeping employees, stakeholders, customers, and communities safe. We just know that we have to figure it out as fast as possible.

Your map to success
Although the path to success amidst COVID-19 is not known, with EGL’s extensive knowledge of what it takes to lead through rapidly changing conditions, ambiguity, and uncertainty, you can be sure you will have the support you need for your team’s growth and evolution. This requires a particular portfolio of leadership styles and a highly active collaboration strategy. EGL will help you assess your existing portfolio, map this to a desired portfolio, and help you close the gap.

What you get
We’ll share our proven method for success with you; a combination of  Leadership Assessment and Development with our Change Navigation processes to provide a fast and effective style shift among your critical leaders. One of our senior leadership consultants will partner with your team to work the process on a weekly basis. You'll get the support of our entire team, with the ability to get in and out quickly, or to scale to a larger reach for a longer time. Either way, the objective is to engineer your shortest path to thriving in this environment.

EGL will work with you, over the course of 26 week to establish a leadership blueprint.

  • Phase 1 - Assessing your current style portfolio
  • Phase 2 - Crafting the new style portfolio
  • Phase 3 - Gap closing and monitoring
  • Phase 4 - Setting the pace
  • Phase 5 - Reflection/closing/or extension

Pricing is $1,250 autobilled weekly for up to 8 key leaders. This can be scoped upward for larger organizations.

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