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EGL’s tailored leadership development programs are designed to take our individual programs and integrate them into an overall effort for the organization.

What do you get with EGL's Future Leader Programs?

All of the features in EGL’s individual leadership programs are available in our tailored programs, plus customized elements.  The most notable feature in these is our focus on the organizational goal, and how all of the efforts are orchestrated to yield the maximum overall benefit.

These are some key questions that you will address at an organization level:

  • What are you hoping to accomplish?
  • Who are the people you want to impact?
  • What sort of overall parameters do you need to manage towards?
  • Who defines success for you?
  • What sort of timing, location, and cost issues do you face?

From these, we will create a blend or modification of our existing programming to suit your needs precisely.

Who are EGL's Future Leader Programs for?

EGL Tailored Programs are typically for people looking to have an effect over a larger group of people.

Examples include:

  • Leadership Progression Development Planning for executive roles
  • Future Leader Programs
  • Leadership initiatives over an entire organization
  • Major culture change leadership efforts in global organization

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