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Generosity and Gene Simmons

Last weekend found my wife Justina and me at Comic Con in San Diego. What an experience that was! It started out with our good friend Matthew inviting us to go to the conference to see his sons' business Radical Publishing and their booth at the convention. Now, I have not been much of a comic book fan, but I am a fan of family and seeing people succeed. I am also a great fan of creativity, and was this ever a place to see that! Top it off with a party on Saturday night, and we were good to go. Now, what does Gene Simmons (yes, the one from Kiss) have to do with this? By series of connections, he was at the event as well.

You see, Matthew's son Jesse of Radical Publishing, is friends with Nick Simmons, who is a very talented artist and writer. Nick has written a story line that is published through Radical and is moving towards film production. On Saturday night, Radical Publishing took over the Hard Rock Hotel to celebrate their amazing journey and the fabulous projects they are launching. For this party, Nick (also a talented vocalist), sang a few songs to the party-goers. All vocalists need backup, so his dad, Gene Simmons and three of his friends (all sans makeup) backed him up. At the end of the set, Gene took the mike, pointed at Nick, and said "That's my son!". The four of them then played their own set, and we all left duly impressed as well as deafened.

This event really struck me, and got me thinking about generosity and what it means to leaders and to all of us as humans. We saw Gene Simmons coming to the Radical booth every day to sign autographs with his son, and use his influence to create visibility for his son. We saw him using his musical talents to provide support and entertainment to his son and to those who turned out for the new company. Leadership is about helping other people succeed. Zig Ziglar is quoted as having said "you can only get what you want if you help enough other people get what they want". You see, we succeed in life based on the success we help create. Our job as a leader is to give our unique gifts to create more and more success in those people within our sphere of influence. As they succeed, so do we.


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