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Global Consciousness

One aspect of leadership at a global level is an understanding of the larger system implications of our actions. Corporate leaders are having as much impact across countries as our political systems, and in many cases, far more. How will you develop the large system sensitivity to begin to understand the economic, social, and environmental implications of the work you do at a global level?


The one thing we must find is our positive global intention that we can carry with us when we are planning our global activities. 


We can talk to many people to understand what our impact is from multiple perspectives. We can create communities of awareness that have at their core a desire for positive change in the world, at a global level. 


Because of the size and scope of the potential impacts and subsequent changes of our actions, it is probably impossible for one person to imagine the overall consequences. This is further limited by the fact that individually, we are making all of our predictions based on our unique worldview, filled with our own cultural experience. We can only hope to create groups of people who can co-create communities that will collectively come up with global implications of actions. At this point, we are working to establish groups of people who basically function as peers, common as citizens of the world, who want the same things, and who hold the same vision. The challenge as a global leader is to hold the multiple interests at heart and begin to see the possibilities of how groups of people who are seemingly very different can work together to accomplish an overall higher goal.