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Global Leadership

During a recent conversation, the subject of the U.S presidential election became the focused topic. While discussing the different candidates is interesting, discussing some of the issues posed to the nation is fascinating. One place that we all agreed was that we all wanted opportunities for choice. All people deserve to have to opportunity to have choice in the direction of their lives, and ideally, in the direction their country takes. If there is anything that is common in my writing, it is the theme of choice.

It is an inherent part of my work, to create the ability and the consciousness to actively choose your future, to choose your state of mind, and to choose what you consider to be important. With that, it has me thinking about choices to be made in the world, and what I personally consider to be important for humanity. Along those lines, my humble installment today is on global leadership. So, take a few minutes, take some notes, and change your life.


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