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The Envision Global Leadership (EGL) was founded in 2010, based in Los Angeles, California. It acquired The Gaian Group, an organization development and leadership firm founded in 1997 by Jeff Evans, PhD.

Dr. Evans began practice as an internal OD practitioner and spend a decade working large scale change in international and global settings with his colleague Chuck Schaefer. They later documented their approach in The Ten Tasks of Change:  Demystifying Changing Organization (2001). The Gaian Group was formed as an external practice in 1997, and worked in the oil and gas, telecommunications, research and development, and defense industries. A subsequent shift to leadership development in 2005 was spurred by the emergent research in the neuroscience and neurocardiology of leadership, which opened new avenues for developing global leaders.

In 2010, The Gaian Group became a part of Envision Global Leadership (EGL) with Dr. Evans assuming the position of CEO and practice lead. EGL relocated headquarters to Houston Texas in 2012.

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