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Poor Leadership and How to Avoid It
There are those who encourage co-workers to express their ideas and opinions ... and those who stifle creativity. There are those who foster a spirit of teamwork and look for inventive means of motivating co-workers ... and those who fail to "connect." There are those who express themselves clearly and effectively - with an undeniable presence that demands attention - and those who shrink away from the spotlight.
Understanding poor leadership and how to avoid it relates directly to emotional intelligence. Current research indicates that 90 percent of leadership success is due to skills related to emotional intelligence. These "soft" interpersonal skills do not replace technical skills; they complement them. As people progress in leadership responsibility, these skills become increasingly important.
Transformation through Leadership Development
Coaching for Leadership Development produces behavioral change and growth, usually in response to a need to develop emotional intelligence in executives, managers and supervisors. This program builds the capability of leaders to help their employees with the intangible elements of human interaction, knowing that superior work gets done through personal relationships. This program teaches recognition of poor leadership and how to avoid undermining those crucial personal relationships with poor choices.
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During the course of our engagements, we use customized assessments to provide a 360-degree feedback and Emotional Intelligence development. Our assessment process is multi-faceted and extensive. Where other programs offer feedback and debriefing, we take this feedback and create personal development plans for each coachee.
The Gaian Group helps these coachees to move beyond poor leadership and how to avoid the pitfalls through non-judgmental guidance, mentoring and support. This allows them to develop their own skills and abilities, be authentic and transform into a powerful leader and inspirational presence.


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