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What Goes Into an EGL Leadership Self-Assessment?

The more context you have about your leadership abilities, the easier it is to improve them. Becoming a reliable, empathetic, and ultimately successful leader is all about developing your interpersonal skills and learning how to help others around you. It’s not just about winning; it’s not just about maximizing profits; it’s not just about vaulting yourself to the next level at the expense of your colleagues. It’s about creating a positive environment that’s conducive to quality work. A good leader knows how to get the most from their team members, and EGL’s self-assessment is the most effective way to evaluate your leadership skills.   


EGL uses the EGL LEQ-SA (Leadership Emotional Intelligence Self Assessment) to measur It measures the basic 4 quadrants of Emotional Intelligence

  • Based on the model supported by Goleman, Boyatzis, others
  • 100 questions in an online survey. Takes minutes to complete.
  • The written feedback shows your scores as a relative measure – low, medium, high
  • Intended as an awareness raising and educational instrument

    This assessment is total self-service. You will receive an email link to access the EGL leadership portal. From there, you will take the LEQ directly from your dashboard, and your PDF report will be delivered back as soon as you are complete.

Online delivery

Automated response

An emotional intelligence profile

Who Are These Assessments For?

It's easy to assume that CEOs are the only ones who truly lead, but the reality is that every organization is made whole by leaders at every level. At EGL, we recognize the meaningful contribution every team member can make. No matter what leadership capacity you have, you can make a difference. Our assessments are for: 

  • Leaders at all levels

  • Individuals involved in a leadership coaching or leadership development program

  • Leaders who manage organizations

  • Those who must lead through influence

  • HR, L&D, Talent Management organizations working to enhance their organizational Capability

Reach Out for More Information

Still feel like you have questions that remain unanswered? EGL is happy to walk you through the entire process, step by step. Fill out the contact form below and our team will get back to you with all the information you need.

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Thanks for your interest.  Please fill in the information below, and we will contact you shortly with more information. In addition you will find on the next page a sample of our Leadership Multirater Assessment Feedback Report Demo which will provide further insights into how LMRe & LeaderNav work.
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