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Every system, from the smallest to the most complex, only works correctly when all the parts are working together. They don’t all need to do the same thing; by necessity, they each have their own function to accomplish in order for the system to operate at its most effective. Your company or organization is a system, made up of your employees; each is a functional part, and must be nurtured in order to fully contribute to the system. Studies have shown that employees contribute best when they are engaged in the company. They must feel they are a part of its success and be willing to put in the effort to make the whole system function flawlessly. But how do you know if your employees are truly engaged?

An employee who is truly engaged in your organization will be involved with colleagues and co-workers. Some excellent clues as to level of engagement can be ascertained through simple conversation and observation. Such clues may include:

  • The employee makes suggestions for improvements based on experience and knowledge, listening with an open mind to others’ suggestions.
  • The employee is focused on the job and not only finishes projects on deadline, but goes the extra mile to answer the question, fix the problem, or ensure superiority of product.
  • The employee focuses on work, yet takes the time to interact with co-workers on a personal level, asking about their families, important events, etc., and sharing their own information to maintain relationships.
  • The employee stays current on events that may affect the company and discusses those issues in order to positively affect how the company (and individual co-workers) can continue to be generative.

Even non-verbal signals such as body language and expression can indicate whether an employee is engaged. To put it simply, the key for any successful worker is to balance their personal and work life, and to remain focused on the positive while preparing for the negative. Plus, they should be looking for ways to improve themselves and their job.

Sound impossible? It’s not! We would love to share more information about engaging employees to make truly effective progressive changes.

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