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Kung Hei Fat Choi for those of you who follow the Chinese calendar (as do my extended family in Hong Kong). We have just entered the year of the Rat, which is a time of hard work, activity, and renewal. It is said to be a good year to launch new ventures, and is an opportune time to launch new products. Speaking of new ventures, the year of the Rat brought in my next book project. Inspirational Presence: The Art of Transformational Leadership, is targeted for publication later this year.

This is really exciting to me, as I have been researching, learning, and working in this area for a number of years now. This will allow me to bring all of the ideas and models into a single place and make it available to a much wider group of people. Look for more on that as the year unfolds. In the spirit of beginnings, today I am sharing a bit of the beginning premise of this work. One of my clients' most frequently asked questions is this: "How can I be more inspirational?" The answer is so simple that it almost sounds flippant, but it is "Be inspired." It is common among our race to look for how we change what we see around us before we look to change what is inside of us. However, the world in which we live externally is simply a reflection of the world in which we live internally.

In order to have people around us experience inspiration, we need to have a healthy dose of inspiration radiating from us. That is the trick. In order to understand what inspires others, we need to first live in a place of personal inspiration, truly understanding how we become inspired. So, take a few moments, take some notes, and change your life.

Cheers, Jeff


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