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Law of Attraction

Our last few newsletters have focused on transformational competencies for leaders. Today we begin a five part series that deepens this discussion to an element that is vitally important to all of us who follow a creative path in this world. More specifically, we will talk about how the things a leader thinks about and talks about creates, or manifests, the physical reality around them and how to use that force to fabricate an amazing future. Earlier articles have talked about the larger systems that leaders engage.

This is crucial content, as all leaders are actively engaged with social systems. Maps like we presented provide a means to navigate through uncertain times. We also talked about competencies that leaders can cultivate to make them more skillful in working with the people who make up organizations, teams, and community groups. Now, let's talk about the internal compass that a leader carries. The quality of this compass dictates the future a leader creates. The basis of this conversation is the Law of Attraction. Simply put, this law states that what we think about becomes our reality. Sounds simple enough, right? Well, it is simple. All we have to do is become conscious of the reality we create through our thoughts and words. Although this is splendidly simple, it requires us to exercise our consciousness and practice daily.

This is the deepest and most spiritually connected piece of work for a leader. Now, it is not enough to just know what it is that you are thinking about. A true leader, in first leading their own path, will take the brave step of taking absolute responsibility for their own thoughts and consequently, their own circumstances. From there, that leader will begin to create a new future. As well as knowing your thoughts as a leader, you must also know your feelings. In the largest sense we are really only concerned with two sets emotions here: love and trust, or fear and doubt. Understanding how we can create a different path depending on the emotional state you are in supercharges your ability to lead. The next five articles will break down the five transformational competencies and talk about how the Law of Attraction works in each. Envision a Compelling Future (Vision) Commit to the Future (Action) Set High Performance Goals (Aspiration) Enable Inspired Action through Teams (Collaboration) Exude Energy & Inspiration (Presence) Take a few minutes, take some notes, and change your life.




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