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This is the third article in a five part series on the Five Competencies for Transformational Leaders. Literature on leadership is filled with information on what it takes to lead others. You will find a mixture of behaviors, competencies, beliefs, approaches and stories about leaders.

At the Envision Global Leadership, we keep it simple. Yes, we talk about behaviors, we talk about competencies, and we talk about beliefs. For us, keeping it simple means that we keep it within a framework that we know to have the greatest impact. This allows you to truly focus your energy.

The Five Competencies represent areas that most relate to creating transformation within yourself and with others. Within those competencies is an underlying belief set that fundamentally drives what we manifest in life. This is called the Law of Attraction. This law states that whatever we think about, we get. We create sub-conscious pictures of our life, through our training, our experiences, and our up-bringing. By focusing on these, we tend to create them. This is actually fairly simple to do, as we are using this law every day, whether we know it or not. By definition, lawful means it happens whether or not we are aware of it, or whether or not we believe in it. So, your life is already being shaped by your thinking, whether or not you are aware of it, or whether or not you believe it. Understanding this law allows us the power and freedom of choice to begin creating the life we want in an active and dynamic way. As you might have heard me say before, the first and fundamental act of leadership is to lead yourself.

At the core, that leadership act begins the moment you take charge of leading your thinking. You can only lead others to the extent you have taking this journey for yourself. I believe that the framework of the Five Competencies for Transformational Leaders, coupled with the Law of Attraction, is a fantastic place for leaders to begin. Even so, if you want to get really simple, just take on the Law of Attraction. The first agreement you have to make with yourself is to take responsibility for your thinking and the impact that has on your future. You may have heard the saying "Expect success and you will get success". That is fundamentally true, with a huge extra part. You must also have a congruent set of thinking along those lines. I often find self- sabotaging thinking that follows this expectation. Very often, people will hold a pocket of thinking that is completely out of alignment with their overall beliefs, which will turn up in the surprise turn of events when things have seemed to be going very well. So, here's an opportunity for 2007. Get clear about your thinking. Get aligned with your overall path. Take on your worries and ruminations and shift that energy into something positive and creative. You will be very glad you did. So, take a moment, take some notes, and change your life.




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