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Proprietary leadership assessment software solution

Map leadership potential in your organization using research-based, statistically valid assessment software that returns objective results.
Invest in the candidates that exhibit the traits required to succeed in a leadership role.
Ensure skill sets match the job description to help reduce turnover and increase engagement, motivation and performance.

How LeaderNAVTM Works

After a group of potential leaders are identified, a Leadership MultiRater assessment is given to each candidate.

The Leadership MultiRater assessment objectively analyzes core leadership competencies of each employee by aggregating responses to over 100 questions from the candidate and colleagues.

A single-page overview is generated that comparatively ranks all candidates based on leadership qualities. This allows the organization to make informed decisions on where to invest in leadership development.

Behaviors the Leadership MultiRater Assesses:

  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Leadership Style
  • Perception Factors
  • Transformational Leadership
  • Organizational Engagement
  • Leadership Derailers

What Sets LeaderNavTM Apart

Jeff Evans, PhD has an extensive background in organization development and executive coaching. Through his experience working with individuals and large corporations, he realized there needed to be an objective, behavior-based tool that could provide comparative analysis.

Unlike other 360 Degree Feedback reports, LeaderNAVTM is able to produce validated results that provide a high-level overview of all potential candidates.

How LeaderNAVTM can be Used

One Time AnalysisLicense
  • Good for assessing a small to medium group.
  • Can be used as a planning guide.
  • We certify HR professionals to properly administer Leadership MultiRater assessments.
  • Provide training and access to LeaderNAVTM software.
  • Good for ongoing assessment of larger companies.

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