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It is early January, and most western businesses are returning to activity after the lull of the holiday times. This marks a fresh start for many, with all of the typical new year's resolutions as well as fresh budgets, new business plans, and a set of year ending or year starting activities to handle. This is a good time to look at the support you will need for the first quarter, and a time to get your goals moving. This is the focus of the Gaian Breakthrough Performance package.

Short time horizon, with a specific focus on defining the patterns of behavior that create our lives the way they currently are, and offer choices to move in different directions. Today we will look at leadership requirements for our current economic times and look at the special requirements for these times. Instability is a relative term, and one that usually just describes a shift in what we have been experiencing. In reality, stability is mostly an illusion, and we are constantly trying to balance in ways that keep us along a certain path with some degree of predictability. Most of us are fairly comfortable with knowing the ways to create that predictability and having those ways work repeatedly over long periods of time. What we have today is that some of those rules need to be questioned, adjusted, changed, or thrown out.

You can think of instability as a time when our planning horizons and methods are out of sync with the conditions in the environment. Think about a cruise ship on a straight course in a calm ocean, and a rubber raft being expertly handled through white water. Both can be considered stable. However, the rubber raft has a much shorter time interval between adjustments, and requires a different planning horizon. A leader in this environment needs to understand how people handle stress and ambiguity, and use healthy and constructive methods to support them through their work. Given the right support and reasons, people can accomplish anything. This is a great time to capitalize on opportunities, if we can take the time to see them and grab them. So, take a few moments, take some notes, and change your life.


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