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Do you know where you stand?

Transformation is the natural outcome of bringing awareness to your life. It is this recognition or "aha" moment that is the call to action to change or fix what is discovered. The challenge then becomes leaving old self-defeating habits and adopting new self-affirming ones to make the necessary changes.

At Envision Global Leadership, Inc., we are deeply committed to helping individuals shed outmoded habits and develop their own leadership skills and abilities. The more awareness an individual brings to the process, the more effective and dynamic he or she can expect to become.

Assessing the State of Your Own Skills

Self leadership assessment forms and surveys are powerful tools for heightening awareness - a crucial step on the path to changing behaviors and beliefs, sharpening performance and reaching full leadership potential.

Through self leadership assessment forms, you will evaluate:

  • Your leadership effectiveness: Leading by example, sensitivity to co-workers, understanding of others' roles and your own
  • Your planning abilities: Understanding job responsibilities, taking accountability, devising realistic plans and schedules, utilizing resources, establishing priorities, conducting effective meetings
  • Your communication skills and deficiencies: Speaking potency and presence, listening to and encouraging co-workers, responding intelligently and reasonably to feedback, keeping others informed on changes that might affect their work, expressing appreciation

What "Self Leadership Assessment" Means

This is a "self-assessment," which means that you are the only person who knows how you responded, what you said, and how your rate yourself. That also means that it is only as accurate as your perception of yourself. It also means that the more objective you are about yourself, the more accurate the results will be.

There are no bad scores. You will receive a score of high, medium, or low on the results of the self leadership assessment forms. Even if you get a score of low, that is not necessarily bad. These scores are dynamic and changeable, and these skills are learned, developed and practiced. Any score you receive is positive because it is good that you are taking the time to learn about yourself. That is how you create the awareness necessary for change and growth - as a leader and an individual.

Tested Methodology & Confidentiality

We use tested methods and solid learning theory in our self leadership assessment forms to support change. Our feedback is built on current research of emotional intelligence and transformational leadership. It is positively focused to help you pinpoint your more developed aspects as well as your less developed ones. It is administered completely online - outside of your company networks for absolute confidentiality.

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