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What are the EGL Leadership Self Assessments?

EGL uses a number of instruments to support leaders in creating a full profile of their existing competencies, all of which focus on the core capabilities of creating an inspirational leadership style.

  • EGL LEQ-SA (Leadership Emotional Intelligence Self Assessment) – measures the 4 primary domains of leadership.

  • EGL GEQ-SA (General Emotional Intelligence – Self Assessment) – measure 5 levels of development in Emotional Intelligence.  Can be used for general settings, and relates directly to the skills of leadership.

  • EGL-LLOC-SA (Leadership Locus of Control) – a variant of Rotter’s Locus of Control, designed to primarily assess issues related to influence and enterprise leadership.

  • EGL LGF-SA (Leadership Global Factors) – a set of Global Personality Characteristics that have been validated with individual and organization performance

  • Other self assessments measuring fundamental leadership capabilities. 

What will you get out of these Self Assessments?

  • Online delivery

  • Automation of response

  • Expanded profile of leadership

  • Direct linkage to EGL Leadership Development Programs

Who are these assessments for?

  • Leaders at all levels

  • Individuals involved in a leadership coaching or leadership development program

  • Leaders who manage organizations

  • Those who must lead through influence

  • HR, L&D, Talent Management organizations working to enhance their Organization Capability



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