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Service Options to Fit your Leadership Needs

We have a number of programs to fit your needs. Please click on the links below for more information.



  • Change Leadership

      EGL’s change leadership programs are designed to support significant change in organizations, through a intentional actions of its leaders. Our methods have been designed out of decades of... Read more

  • Leadership Development Programs

      EGL’s leadership development programs are designed to create significant change in participants through a strongly affirming approach. We start with the clients’ greatest... Read more

  • Leadership Assessments

    What are EGL's Leadership Assessments? Put simply, a leadership assessment is an estimation of your nature, quality, or ability to actively lead a group of people, or an organization. The term is... Read more

  • Envision Coach Training

      Envision Coach Training is affiliated with Envision Global Leadership (EGL) and was initially developed as a mandatory training for our consultants as a way to ensure... Read more

  • Workshops

      EGL provides a number of educational events intended to enlighten, inspire, and inform. These are broadly focused, participative, and mentally stimulating events. Through a talented... Read more