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Leadership Transitions

I write today just having finished outlining a chapter on Global Leadership. My personal mission in developing leaders is to support a group of people who truly understand what it means to think globally. Our world truly needs people who think from the broad systems perspective, and are ready to take on the challenges of problems that extend beyond national borders, that are outside of our native language, and are for the good of all humanity. They need to be inclusive and understand the true power of creation that comes from shared intention.

Leaders of this sort have to grow out of the idea that we are defined by what we can do, or our technical competence. While technical skills are important, we know that success as a leader comes primarily from who we are, not what we know (expect for that part that is what we know about who we are). So, the evolution of leadership skills comes through expanding our roles, whether or not we change jobs, and increasing our ability to see the big picture and connect with people through influence.

Today's message is about the Leadership Transitions. As you may have seen in my writing and approach, about 90% of success in entry level jobs is through the use of skills related to technical ability. At the other end of the job spectrum, about 90% of executive success is from skills related to emotional intelligence. As a person moves through different roles, this progression does not necessarily happen smoothly and automatically. Sometimes, in fact, it gets stopped, skipped, or missed. This can be an important thing to understand when you see a leader who seems to be underperforming. So, take a few minutes, take some notes, and change your life.

Cheers, Jeff


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