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June is moving to a close, and as I write this, I am working through the last revisions and additions to Inspirational Presence. It is a great learning experience to sit down and express what is deeply important to me, and take the time to really focus on a key message. At this point, it is getting increasingly about details and integration. I am rereading things for the 3rd or 4th times, each time looking for something different, like proper references or style issues, or flow issues. We go to the publisher on July 3rd, so it is coming to the end of the line. There will be more edits and rereads after that, but this is the last time for actually writing the book and telling the story.

This process takes me back to youth, and early lessons from running long distances. Many of them cross over well into this and other projects. Here are some that are on my mind for the next 2 weeks. The lessons from running Keep your hands and face, and shoulders relaxed. You waste energy tensing them that needs to go to your legs. Keep your eyes on where you are going with your head straight. It keeps you going in as straight a line as possible, which is the shortest possible distance while it keeps body from swaying side to side which is another waste of energy. Focus on your breathing.

Your breath is your fuel, and also regulates your energy. Good control over breathing keeps your body energy in control and your thinking clear. Applied to today Stay relaxed about areas that are not the focus of today's activity. Let those areas take their turn later. Keep focused on where I want to be. Avoid distractions and take a direct path to the finish line. Breathe. The article today is a continuation of this, and an early lesson I learned about growth and development. So, take a few moments, take some notes, and change your life.

Cheers, Jeff


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