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What Is the EGL MultiRater Full Assessment?


To develop our robust leadership ability assessment, we use a triangulated approach to creating an individual report. The process combines these elements:

  • EGL LEQ-MR: EGL’s performance-validated 360 measures eight primary domains of leadership that indicate an ability to interact with others.
  • EGL LEQ-SA: EGL’s self-assessment is designed to determine a participant’s inner attitudes and feelings, which are more difficult to assess through a 360.
  • Interviews of key stakeholders and peers to obtain more targeted and specific feedback.
  • Observations in a leadership setting: We use a behavioral frequency and impact ranking method to build a profile of the leader’s interactions in a leadership setting, preferably with his or her team.
  • Extant data analysis: Using a history of communications and interactions, we create a profile of how a leader uses their style.

How Can Our MultiRater Assessment Tool Help Your Organization? 

The more information you have about your performance, the easier it is to adjust. Leaders who complete our 360 evaluation receive a complete, in-depth profile of their leadership styles, how they’re engaging with others, and where their blind spots are. Once the evaluation is complete, EGL provides a detailed report that offers key insights into each domain of their performance and how those domains support leadership.

With our reliable feedback system, you’ll quickly find out how you performed according to our rating scale. But what can you do with that information? Again, EGL has you covered. A consultant or coach from our team can help put together a development plan that allows you to build on your results, reinforcing the positive areas and working to minimize behavior that isn’t helping you succeed.

Who Is This Assessment For?

Just because you’re not a CEO doesn’t mean you’re not leading people. At EGL, we believe that maintaining a consistent structure in your organization is absolutely integral to success. Strengthening that backbone is all about making sure you have competent, emotionally intelligent leaders in place in every leadership role. That’s why our assessment is perfect for:

  • Organizational leaders

  • Those who must lead through influence

  • Mid- to senior-level leaders

  • Project team leaders

  • HR, L&D, and Talent Management organizations working to enhance their organizational capability.

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If you’re looking for more information, please fill out the form below and our team will contact you shortly. On the next page, you’ll find a sample of our Leadership MultiRater Assessment Feedback Report Demo, which provides further insights into how LMRe & LeaderNav work. You don’t have to go it alone anymore—the resources you need are all here with EGL, and our team is committed to helping you reach that next level of success.


Contact Envision Global Leadership

Thanks for your interest.  Please fill in the information below, and we will contact you shortly with more information. In addition you will find on the next page a sample of our ALII-Map Feedback Report Demo which will provide further insights into how ALLI-Map & LeaderNav work.
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