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What is the EGL Multirater Full Assessment?

In order to obtain the most robust assessment of leadership ability, we use a triangulated approach to creating an individual report.  The process combines these elements:


  • EGL LEQ-MR – EGL’s performance validated 360 that measures 8 primary domains of leadership that are shown to most relate to a leaders ability to interact with others

  • EGL LEQ-SA – EGL’s self-assessment designed to determine additional information that is more internal to the participant, and more difficult to assess through a 360.

  • Interviews of key stakeholders and peers to obtain more targeted and specific feedback

  • Observations in a leadership setting – We use a behavioral frequency and impact ranking method to build a profile of the leaders interactions in a leadership setting, preferably the leaders team.

  • Extant data analysis – Using a history of communications and interactions, we create a profile of style in use.

What will you get out of it?

A leader will get a full profile of his or her leadership style and how they engage others.  An extensive report will detail what each domain of performance means, and how it supports leadership.

An EGL Consultant/Coach will debrief the entire process and assist in forming a development plan that outlines desirable changes, as well as the potential benefits of making the changes.

Who is this assessment for?

  • Leaders who manage organizations

  • Those who must lead through influence

  • Mid to senior level leaders

  • Project team leaders

  • HR, L&D, Talent Management organizations working to enhance their Organization Capability.


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