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What really matters for Leaders? What is the difference between leading a small team and leading a large enterprise? What is transferable? What is not? There are a myriad of leadership courses and resources available in the world, most of which speak generically. However, organizations are dealing with a variety of leaders, all of whom have learned differing leadership methods—not always good and not always useful in the leaders' current role.

ALLI—Actionable Leadership Intelligence Instrument—hones in on the most important and influential leadership skills, identifying how often a leader does or does not demonstrate them, and quickly and effectively co-designs a robust action plan for measurable improvement.

We have combined our decades of leadership assessment experience with an Artificial Intelligence platform to greatly expand leadership awareness and dexterity. This AI system is learning continually, and becomes increasingly accurate as we continue to assess more leaders.


The starting point of the ALII-Method is our ALII-Map—an online assessment process designed to map a leader's currently in-use leadership portfolio and target the appropriate shifts relevant to their current and future leadership roles.

The ALII-Map is available in multiple versions:

  • Enterprise
  • Individual Leader
  • Self Report
  • Global Factors Short
  • Global Factors Expanded
  • Emotional Intelligence

Enhance leader effectiveness


LeaderNAV® enables organizations to look across a pool of leaders' ALII-Map results and create a targeted assessment and development plan at the enterprise level. The objective is to optimize the spend and effort required to move quickly into a high-performance leadership portfolio.

LeaderNAV brings together multiple ALII-Map reports, objectively analyzing core leadership competencies of each employee. The bubble chart shows where your team members are in terms of strengths and blind spots, allowing an in-depth performance appraisal and giving your organization critical insight into next steps.

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