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How well do you pick future leaders?  How full is your pipeline?  How do you know who will be good?

  • How do you determine the right competencies?
  • What do you do once you have identified them?
  • How long should your development horizon be?

Current succession planning systems have some fairly predictable errors.  This is primarily because most companies succession planning processes do not link to their performance management and appraisal processes.  Additionally, leadership development processes typically do not link to either one, let alone both of them. 

This lack of full integration, coupled with the change of success correlates that occurs from entry level roles to senior level roles, leads to small pools of available talent for the top roles.  What has occurred is called Type II error, or the error of false exclusion.  People who could make excellent senior leaders, with all the right competencies, of often excluded from development opportunities because they are being evaluated on the wrong criteria at lower level roles.

In order to prepare for the Silver Tsunami, you must have as pool that is broad and well developed.  You can see more about the process in the pdf below.

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