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The Power of Empathy

This issue takes another spin on the Organization Wheel, this time at how you work to integrate people across parts of a system. One thing leaders have to remember is that they are always dealing with multiple levels of systems and often with fractionalized pieces of that system. When people work within organizations, they rarely have a consciousness about the "whole system", and usually have a limited sense of how they fit into the whole. A leader's role is one of illuminating the system and integrating peoples thoughts and actions within it.

This newsletter discusses how that focus can support either change (transformational) or stability (transactional) in the organization. Just knowing about systems integration is one level of awareness for a leader. Having that knowledge guide your actions is a conscious learning act that we use to build a leadership practice. Remember, leadership is literally what you do every day. Each aspect of your life directly relates to how well you ultimately lead. So, examining your conceptual models and working out ways to use them is critical to effective leadership. So, take a few moments and do a bit of self- discovery. After all, life is about learning.

Cheers, Jeff Evans, Ph.D.


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