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The Power of "And"

I just attended the 'Consciousness in Action' conference for the Institute of Noetic Sciences last week, and have reconnected with many of the truths that initially put me into this business and have kept me there over the years. One of the things that really struck me was a description made by one of the presenters about many current practices of spirituality. He called them collectively "decorated narcissism."

That was quite an interesting and provocative statement. He was describing a tendency of many people to adopt a practice that is more about how they portray themselves to the world, while neglecting what they might create or influence because of the abilities they have developed through that practice. In my early education, I studied the Age of Enlightenment extensively. In that literature, there was a generally held opinion that gaining deep insight inherently demands charting a new path for oneself. It is then one's responsibility to create a different, more enlightened future.

As I continue my own mission of education and transformation for leaders, I will be increasing my focus on global responsibility and global leadership. This is my mission. Our world is at a place that demands forward-thinking and active leadership at a level well past where we have been focused. As I also heard last week, "each of us holds some part of the answer." In these articles, you experience glimpses of what I believe to be my part of the answer. Let us each put our best part forward. Our world and the world of our children deserves that. So, take a few minutes, take some notes, and change your life.


Cheers, Jeff


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