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Prioritizing Ultra-Successful
Once again California has been ravaged by wildfires, driven by the intense winds that come in this time of year. What a combination, hot dry weather, high winds, and tinderbox dry countryside. It has added up to some fairly devastating fires. We were close on the last Santa Barbara/Montecito fires. It was so fast. The fire started at 5:40 PM, and by 7:00 PM we were on the highway, evacuated and looking for a place to get away from the smoke, ash, and of course, flames.

We watched the live coverage from our hotel room that night, seeing the beautiful homes vanishing to the fires, hoping that ours was not the next one to come onto the screen. Fortunately for us, our home remained safe. We returned on Sunday with only minor cleanup required. Yesterday we drove through some of the burn zone. This is when you begin to feel the real random nature of this type of catastrophe. You would see one house standing, untouched, and all of the houses around it were burned completely to the ground. Another place, the houses were gone, but the mailboxes were left standing. It is heartbreaking to see peoples' homes reduced to piles of ash. The main thing that we found it in was gratitude for our many blessings. When we were faced with getting out quickly, we picked up our dog and cat, their beds and food, packed a couple of bags, grabbed a box of precious pictures, and pointed our SUV south to safety.

When it comes right down to it, our most important possessions turn out to be very few. When we returned we were impressed by how our perspective had shifted over the days we were out of our home. Our sense of priorities had shifted somewhat. We slowed down in some areas, and spent a bit more time noticing the things we love most. It is in this spirit that I offer this brief installment on setting priorities. With that as well, here's a link to a picture of my top priorities (me, Justina, Pepper and Ruby). So, take a few moments, take some notes, and change your life.

Cheers, Jeff


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