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Transformational Leadership: Understanding Organization

With this, the series on Understanding Organization through the Wheel will be compete. This has been a very brief overview of how you can use this powerful tool. At the Envision Global Leadership, we have used this, in far more depth, in many organization assessments and planning sessions for organization change. The most important lesson to take from this is to always remember that you are always working with a whole system.

Even when you are only working with one person, you are still engaged in a much larger system, interconnected through relationships, and providing unseen guidance to the individual. While there is no magic to this tool, the results of taking a systems view can indeed seem magical. When we begin to understand the power of these unseen connections and understand how to help them come into alignment, we can see individuals and organizations transform. There is nothing more exhausting than trying to work against a large system. Learn to work with the system, and it will change on its own. This last article focuses on the leader's role in learning. It is perhaps the most important role one can take.


Jeff Evans, Ph.D.


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