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Understanding Organization's Role
This week has been a busy one. We have been in Calgary doing business development and really understanding what a boomtown is like. The stories of Fort McMurray left me wide-eyed. I managed to get back to Santa Barbara before the snows started. During our time there, I was asked some questions about our actual approach and what we believed about working with people.

Here is our short answer. The  Envision Global Leadership works to develop leaders who create transformation in themselves and their organizations. Our approach does not try to change people, rather to allow them to learn the significant behaviors that have the greatest positive impact on organizations. Most executives are already highly skilled in their technical disciplines, but have not yet learned the emotional intelligence skills that are most highly related to executive success.

Early in managerial careers, technical skills account for 95% of peoples' success. However, by the time they become executives, skills related to emotional intelligence now account for 95% of peoples' success. Therefore, we enter an organization assuming technical competence and use our unique approaches to allow leaders to learn and practice these vital skills. Our tools and techniques are directed towards this powerful aspect of leadership success. Of course, you can see even more about our beliefs by looking in The Ten Tasks of Change (Jossey/Bass- Pfeiffer, 2001).

Cheers, Jeff Evans, Ph.D.


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